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Want Good Posture?

You're Better Off Wearing Sneakers Than Other Types Of Shoes

by Susan Scutti

Taz, CC by 2.0

An age-old debate rages on and Medical Daily has found someone with an answer: Is wearing sneakers better for your posture than wearing other types of shoes?

"Absolutely," says Spencer Weisbond, a board-certified pedorthist and owner of Orthotic Solutions in New York City, explaining a sneaker can control the foot motions that lead to poor posture.

"Put a good pair of sneakers on someone with poor posture and you’ll see it immediately," he says.

According to Weisbond, sneakers are designed for repetitive impact sports that have a higher ground force than regular walking. Wearing them, our feet land as they should and our muscles are used more efficiently. Sneakers help to "propel each footstep seamlessly into the next," Weisbond says, and though footwear in general is designed for all of the same, sneakers do it better - "just as a speedboat is better than a rowboat."